KMFDM - Nihil (1995)

KMFDM is a European industrial rock band formed in 1984. The main man is Sascha Konietzko, who is joined by a series of rotating musicians and guest artists.

Fast, heavy guitar riffs, electronic drums and distorted (melodic) vocals. Often the drums could be mistaken for real drums - they blur the line a bit. A favourite on this album is the thrasher "Flesh". What impresses me about KMFDM is that they can combine two guitars, two synths, bass, two drums, distorted vocals and other singers, and yet you can hear it all crystal clear! One other thing that I really enjoy about KMFDM is their great usage of electronic sounds. Virtually every track features some great usage of synths - massive squelchy basslines, cool noises or wierd sfx. They are always very inventive.

Plus - and this is probably a surprise for industrial music - they have very good songwriting abilities. Every song has defined verse, chorus and a bridge, meaning you can sing along easy.

The whole album fits together very well - a nice mixture of tunes, styles, grooves and tempos means that you're never listening to the same thing. Check out the tracks "Flesh", "Juke Joint Jezebel" and "Disobedience".

1 Ultra
2 Juke Joint Jezebel
3 Flesh
4 Beast
5 Terror
6 Search & Destroy
7 Disobedience
8 Revolution
9 Brute
10 Trust + Untitled


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KMFDM - Nihil (1995)



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