Depeche Mode - Live in London 1982 (1991)

Koncertowy bootleg z A Broken Frame Tour z Hammersmith Odeon, Londyn (25 paź 1982). Pełen tytuł tego wydania to: Super Golden Radio Shows No.045 (SGRS 045) Live In London (82-10-25).

01. My Secret Garden
02. See You
03. Satelite
04. New Life
05. Boys Say Go
06. Tora! Tora! Tora!
07. Nothing To Fear
08. Shouldn't Have Done That
09. The Meaning Of Love
10. Just Can't Get Enough
11. A Photograph Of You
12. The Sun And The Rainfall


jacyk said...
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I went to a cancert of Depeche Mode in my country and I felt so excited when they play the sun and the rainfall,the meaning of love.

jacyk said...

Depeche Mode - Live in London 1982 (1991)