Beefcake - Polycontrale Contra Punkte (1998)

Beefcake presents sweet harmonic soundscapes, disrupted by rough drum & bass rhythms: a powerful intelligent tune to break your chaos, or chamber-music for modern electronics obsessed. Beefcake are two guys from Jena, Germany, who mainly work as dj`s - put them both together with a sampler and they deconstruct nearly everything you can listen to. The sampler is their most important instrument - and they are really fanatics in using it. Sometimes you certainly find something anything familiar in their music, but be warned, it is not like before and it will never be again. Indeed it starts harmlessly, but Beefcake destroy everything entirely to build up their own unique imagery. Various journalists reviewed their 12" 'Spontaneous Human Combustion' (first release) as a musical parallel to Autechre, Aphex Twins, Bochumwelt, Haujobb, Black Hung... but Beefcake manages to stand out from the crowd despite this vague feeling of familiarity, each beautifully produced track stands on its own with chrome chords. like a soundtrack, they create a homogenous atmosphere. The beats are built with unusual drum & bass percussion sounds rather than deconstructed breaks, and that's one of their strengths - the phenomenal and the perfectly arranged drum-programming. A release for the headphones as well as the club.

1. ?!
2. Digilog
3. Ego-23
4. Soak (mirror)
5. Enjoy the Silence
6. Beefcake
7. In Uns - Hope
8. Phenylethylamin (fuer Daniela)
9. Sein (fuer Jessica)
10. Close your Mind
11. Wake up and Believe
12. Lensflare
13. +/-
14. Vergangenheitsbewältigung
15. Worum Es Eigentlich Geht

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Beefcake - Polycontrale Contra Punkte (1998)