The Blue Nile - A Walk Across the Rooftops (1983)

The Blue Nile powstał w Glasgow i tworzyli go: Paul Buchanan, Robert Bell, Paul Joseph Moore. Muzyka prezentowana to w dużej mierze syntezatory i instrumenty elektroniczne, chociaż późniejsze nagrania zawierają również brzmienie gitary akustycznej. Pomimo stereotypowego 'chłodu' brzmienia instrumentów klawiszowych, udało się grupie zbudować głęboko emocjonalne, melancholijno-balladowe kompozycje, częściowo też za sprawą wokalisty, którego głos był porównywany do głosu Petera Gabriela.

The Scottish folk-ambient band the Blue Nile has enjoyed a mystique contrived by its inaccessibility and the infrequency of its recordings, but it has also made a series of critically acclaimed discs. The group was formed by three Glasgow natives who had graduated from university there: singer/songwriter/guitarist Paul Buchanan, bassist Robert Bell, and keyboardist Paul Joseph Moore. (Engineer Callum Malcolm and drummer Nigel Thomas have worked with the trio consistently, to the point of being considered secondary bandmembers.) (The Blue Nile is the title of Alan Moorehead's 1962 sequel to The White Nile, the two books making up a history of the Nile River.) They recorded their own single, "I Love This Life," which was distributed by Robert Stigwood's RSO Records just before the company closed its doors. They were then signed by Linn Products, which released their debut album, A Walk Across the Rooftops, in 1984. (A&M handled it in the U.S.) Since the company was small and the band did not tour, the album took some time to find its audience, though it briefly reached the U.K. charts and led to high expectations for a second album. This came in 1989 with Hats, which reached the British Top 20, throwing off three chart singles, "The Downtown Lights," "Headlights on the Parade," and "Saturday Night." The album also made the lower reaches of the American charts as the Blue Nile embarked on its first tour, a 30-date journey taking place in the British Isles and the U.S. In the ensuing years, the band members switched record labels, signing to Warner Bros., and contributed to recordings by Robbie Robertson and Julian Lennon. They finally emerged with their third album, Peace at Last, in June 1996. Another critically acclaimed release, it placed in the U.K. Top 20, but failed to chart in the U.S.

1. A Walk Across the Rooftops
2. Tinseltown in the Rain
3. From Rags to Riches
4. Stay
5. Easter Parade
6. Heatwave
7. Automobile Noise


jacyk said...

The Blue Nile - A Walk Across the Rooftops (1983)
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Anonymous said...

Na wstępie, przepraszam że poruszam tą sprawę na łamach tego blogu ale nie bardzo mogę zrobić to w inny sposób. Dlaczego dostęp do blogu ROba jest tylko zaproszonych gości?
To jakiś chwilowy błąd?
Czy tak już będzie?
Nie było mnie trochę w sieci i stąd takie zaskoczenie.


jacyk said...

czesc Marc09
poczytaj tutaj
oraz tutaj
i wszystko sie wyjasni


Anonymous said...

Wielkie dzięki Jacyk!
Wszystko dla mnie jasne.
Głupio mi się wpraszać tym bardziej że na blogu Twoim jak i ROba specjalnie nie zostawiam śladu.
Jestem raczej anonimowym melomanem.

Dzięki za Twoje posty!


Sylomiki said...

Płyta bajkowa. Nawet ja preferujący zdecydowanie szybsze granie bardzo ją lubię. Automobile Noise zdecydowanie numer jeden, jak dla mnie. Genialnie, że Puszczasz tę płytę szerokiemu gronu. Warto przesłuchać choćby raz. Gratuluję Pozdrawiam Sylomiki.

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Thanks jacky for this album.
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jess said...

..yeah me too..i want to know robert poland's email...
email me at jessmanuel69@yahoo.com
..also, do you have more from sad lovers and giants? how about snake corps? or the nocturnal compilation from midnight music?

friarminor said...

Amazing, Jacyk! I, too love 80's new wave in all forms - obscure to wildly popular. I look forward to more of your gems of a post.

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The Blue Nile are an adult alternative/pop band from Glasgow. The music of The Blue Nile is built heavily on synthesizers and electronic instrumentation and percussion, although later works featured acoustic guitar more prominently.