Gloria Jones - Tainted Love (cover versions)

Sometimes I feel I've got to
Run away I've got to
Get away
From the pain you drive into the heart of me
The love we share
Seems to go nowhere
And I've lost my light
For I toss and turn I can't sleep at night

Once I ran to you (I ran)
Now I'll run from you
This tainted love you've given
I give you all a boy could give you
Take my tears and that's not nearly all
Oh...tainted love
Tainted love

Now I know I've got to
Run away I've got to
Get away
You don't really want anymore from me
To make things right
You need someone to hold you tight
And you think love is to pray
But I'm sorry I don't pray that way

Once I ran to you (I ran)
Now I'll run from you
This tainted love you've given
I give you all a boy could give you
Take my tears and that's not nearly all
Oh...tainted love
Tainted love

Don't touch me please
I cannot stand the way you tease
I love you though you hurt me so
Now I'm gonna pack my things and go
Tainted love, tainted love (x2)
Touch me baby, tainted love (x2)
Tainted love (x3)

Tainted Love must surely be one of the most influential songs of the 1980s. Known most widely as a song performed by the band Soft Cell, this song was actually originally a 1964 Northern Soul song written by Ed Cobb and performed by Gloria Jones. However, Soft Cell's completely reworked cover version was propelled to number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, where it stayed for 43 weeks.

Today, there are many cover versions of the song, some very similar and others radically different. These include covers by 29 Died, Alterno Daze, Coil, Deathline International, Dishwalla, Marilyn Manson, Shades Apart, The Living End, The Pussycat Dolls, The Ramones.

In itself, Tainted Love is a remarkably likeable song. The fact that it has been covered and sampled so extensively proves its ability to transcend both genre and context. Yet, perhaps the most interesting thing about it is that it is the lyrics are so fiercely debated over, and there are so many different interpretations floating around. For me, the significance of this ambiguity is that I can interpret the lyrics any way I want, and transform them so that they are relevant to me, or any situation. I think that is probably the reason this song has been covered so often. The song has so much character that it can be bent and twisted to fit many different bands without losing its individuality.
Here is a compilation of cover versions by selected artists.

Atrocity - Tainted Love
Coil - Tainted Love
Gloria Jones - Tainted Love (1964 Version)
Gloria Jones - Tainted Love (1973 Version)
Inspiral Carpets - Tainted Love
John B. - Tainted Love (Feat. Marcy Meow)
Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love
Nikolaj Steen - Tainted Love
Palast Orchester & Max Raabe - Tainted Love
Prozac+ - Tainted Love
Pussycat Dolls - Tainted Love
Shaun Inman - Tainted Love (Rough Love)
Social Distortion - Tainted Love
Soft Cell - Tainted Love
Speedmaster Project - Tainted Love (Autobahn Mix)
Stella Starlight Trio - Tainted Love
Swampys - Tainted Love
The Flying Pickets - Tainted Love
The Lost Fingers - Tainted Love
Trentemoller - Tainted Love
Union - Falso Amor (Tainted Love)
Unknown - Tainted Love


Wolfsheim - Strange Ways Festival Tour 1994 (1995)

This is a bonus MCD with live recordings from the Strange Ways Festival Tour 1994. It was added to a Wolfsheim - 55578 CD compilation which gathered songs from Wolfsheim's singles spanning the years 1987-1995. Live mix by Carlos Peron at Music Hall, Hannover and Batschkapp, Frankfurt.

1 Kaufraush (Live)
2 Angry Today (Live)
3 This Time (Live)
4 (The Obvious Fact) Scars Remain (And How To Cope With It) (Live)
5 Faith (Live)
6 Following You (Live)


Visage - Fade To Grey (cover versions)

"Fade to Grey" is the second single by the British new romantic/pop group Visage, released on Polydor Records in November 1980. The song was the band's most successful single. It became a huge dance floor hit and entered the singles charts in early 1981, peaking at #8 in the UK Singles Chart and reaching #1 in both Germany and Switzerland.

The song's structure was primarily composed by Billy Currie and Christopher Payne. While setting the track listing of the Visage album, Midge Ure composed the song's lyrics after Billy Currie suggested the use of the melody for the album. Steve Strange had singing lessons with Ure in order to maintain himself in tune and be recorded. Gary Numan commented in interview for the Numan Digest: "As far as I'm concerned Chris and Billy were the driving force behind writing 'Fade to Grey'. They used to work on it during the sound checks on my '79 tour. Cedric [Sharpley, who was the drummer of the Gary Numan's backing band] was also heavily involved. In those days it was called 'Toot City'".

On the UK Channel 4 show "Top Ten New Romantics" in 1999, Steve Strange claimed to have been the one who came up with the idea for the French vocal in the track (a statement disputed by Midge Ure who claims this idea was his). The French vocal was performed by Brigitte Arendt, a young student from Luxembourg who was Rusty Egan's girlfriend at the time.
Again, the compilation was made for my own purposes.

Agressiva 69 - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
Atrocity - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
Castro Boy - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
Datura - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
Ed Starink - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
Evereve - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
Future Breeze - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
Gregorian - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
Mark 'Oh - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
Monumentum - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
Neon - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
Noisia - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
Nouvelle Vague - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
The Konki Duet - Il Fait Tout Gris (Visage Cover)
The Last Days Of Jesus - Fade to Grey (Visage Cove
Transparent Sound - Fade To Grey (Visage Cover)
Visage - Fade To Grey (DJ 2008 Remix)