Living In A Box - Living In A Box (1987)

Grupa Living In The Box i ich debiut płytowy zostaną zapamiętani dzięki tytułowej piosence, dobrze skrojonym garniturom (video) oraz mieszance stylów post new romantic, soul i funk.

The British pop-funk group Living in a Box boomed onto MTV in 1987 with a song named after themselves. Featuring Richard Darbyshire (vocals/guitar), Marcus Vere (synthesizers), and Anthony Critchlow (drums), the band had only one Top 40 single in the U.S., "Living in a Box"; in the U.K., however, the group was far more successful.

Living in a Box formed in Sheffield, England in 1985. Darbyshire originally sang for the band the Zu Zu Sharks in the early '80s. Given the choice between a solo career or fronting Living in a Box for Chrysalis Records, Darbyshire selected the latter. Living in a Box received a five-year contract from the label; in 1987, the group released their self-titled debut LP. In 1989, the band recorded a second album, Gatecrashing; the songs "Blow the House Down" and "Room in Your Heart" were Top Ten hits in Britain. But changes at Chrysalis caused artistic differences during the production of their third LP. Living in a Box broke up in 1990 before their third album was completed. In 1994, Darbyshire released his solo debut, How Many Angels, an LP that included several tracks, such as "Better to Have Lost," that were intended for Living in a Box's third album.
~ Michael Sutton, Rovi

   1. Living in a Box
   2. Love is the Art
   3. So the Story Goes
   4. From Beginning to End
   5. Generate the Wave
   1. Scales of Justice
   2. Going for the Big One
   3. Human Story
   4. Can't Stop the Wheel
   5. Living in a Box (reprise)


jacyk said...

Living In A Box - Living In A Box (1987)



RObert POland said...

Przyznam się bez bicia, że... nie znam ich płyty :D
Oczywiście znam ich hit (czy muszę podawać tytuł? chyba nie), ale nigdy nie słyszałem całego albumu. Fakt, że nawet nie miałem szczęścia go napotkać w sieci - tak że klikam w link i nadrabiam stratę.


PS. Mirrors to także moja nadzieja roku 2010 - może nawet większa niż Hurts. Znamy ich z wersji demo, studyjna płyta już niebawem...
A rozczarowanie roku? Hehe, Jason Donovan i jego masakryczny Soundtrack of the 80s... normalnie jazda po najmniejszej linni oporu i bez wysiłku.

RObert POland said...

Aha i jeszcze coś...
Living In A Box ZAWSZE mi się myli z Johnny Hates Jazz - może dlatego, że trio, piorun wie, ale od tamtych czasów zawsze mi się mieszają :)

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