Classix Nouveaux - Classix Nouveaux (1980)

Classix Nouveaux were a 1980s new wave band from England.Classix had number one hits in Poland, Portugal, Yugoslavia, Israel, Iceland and other countries. In the UK Singles Chart they had various Top 50 hits but only a Top20 with "Is It A Dream" - a Number 11 hit record.
The break up of X-Ray Spex triggered an advertisement to be placed in Melody Maker, searching for a new lead singer. Sal Solo (formerly with The News) answered the advertisement. Jak Airport and B. P. Hurding left X-Ray Spex to form Classix Nouveaux with Mik Sweeney and Sal Solo. Their first gig was on 25 August 1979 at Camden Palace. With publicity growing for the band, their dramatic and heavily made up image helped quickly associate them with the New Romantic movement, alongside bands like Japan and Ultravox. In 1980 the band recorded a four track session for Capital Radio and one track, Robots Dance, was picked up and played regularly by DJ Nicky Horne. This got the interest of A&R at United Artists, but as negotiations dragged on Classix decided to release the track as their debut single studio recording single, on their own ESP label. "Robots Dance" was released on 29 August and, when negotiations with UA were finalised, by EMI. They also performed for the first time on television on Thames TV in London. "Robots Dance" spent 11 weeks on the indie charts, reaching number 22, and became a popular alternative dance floor track. The groups second single "Nasty Little Green Men" followed on 10 November 1980. (~~internet)

1 Foreward
2 Guilty
3 Nasty Little Green Men
4 No Sympathy
5 Inside Outside
6 623
7 Robots Dance
8 Every Home
9 Tokyo
10 Run Away
11 The Protector Of Night


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Classix Nouveaux - Classix Nouveaux (1980)



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This band was one of the most great, In my ipod I have some of their song , for example 623,inside outside,and the protector of night.