The Cars - Drive (cover versions)

who's gonna tell you when
it's too late
who's gonna tell you things
aren't so great
you can't go on
thinking nothing's wrong
who's gonna drive you home tonight

who's gonna pick you up
when you fall
who's gonna hang it up
when you call
who's gonna pay attention
to your dreams
who's gonna plug their ears
when you scream

you can't go on
thinking nothing's wrong
who's gonna drive you home tonight
who's gonna hold you down
when you shake
who's gonna come around
when you break

"Drive" is a 1984 song by The Cars, the third single from the band's Heartbeat City album and their biggest international hit. It was written by Ric Ocasek, and produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange and The Cars. Lead vocals were by Cars' bassist Benjamin Orr.
"Drive" was The Cars' highest charting single in the United States, peaking at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. On the Adult Contemporary chart, the song went all the way to #1. It also got to #5 in the UK singles chart, becoming their second biggest UK hit, then was re-released in the UK in 1985 (after the Live Aid performance at JFK Stadium), this time charting at #4. The song was also a big hit in what was West Germany, reaching #4, and in Canada, reaching #6. In addition, it was famously used as part of the Live Aid concert in 1985, as the background music to a montage of clips showing poverty-stricken Africa. Bob Geldof later claimed that phone calls to the appeal switchboards escalated dramatically during the song.

The music video for the song stars, besides Ocasek and Orr, Czech-born supermodel Paulina Porizkova, who later married Ocasek. The video was directed by actor Timothy Hutton.

A cover by Ziggy Marley featured in the film "50 First Dates" (2004). The song also appears in the film "Transformers" (2007). The band Deftones covered this song on the album 'Saturday Night Wrist'.
Deftones' cover version appeared on the trailer of the 2009 remake "The Stepfather". The song was also covered in 2000 by the New Zealand group, Strawpeople, featuring the vocalist Bic Runga. A cover by the Australian band, The Paradise Motel (from "Flight Paths" album), appeared in the film "He Died with a Felafel in His Hand". In 2006 the Portuguese band (singing in English) Blind Zero featured this 80's classic, too. Scorpions present a live version of the song from "Acoustica" album. Finally, Drive was covered on the Double You album "We All Need Love." The compilation was put together for my own purposes :)

01 - The Cars - Drive
02 - The Paradise Motel - Drive (The Cars Cover)
03 - Scorpions - Drive (The Cars Cover)
04 - Deftones - Drive (The Cars Cover)
05 - Blind Zero - Drive (The Cars Cover)
06 - Ziggy Marley - Drive (The Cars Cover)
07 - Strawpeople - Drive (The Cars Cover)
08 - Double You - Drive (The Cars Cover)
09 - The Cars - Drive (Ultrasound Extended Version)


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The Cars - Drive (cover versions)



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I love this song and would love to hear the various versions you collected - unfortunately the link seems down. Possible for you to restore it?
Thanks for your blog!

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here it is:

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I heard another version on the radio by a shoegaze band it was really awesome but can't remember the bands name... was very dreamy wish washy...

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