Breakfast Club - Breakfast Club (1987)

Pomimo faktu, że zespół wydał tylko jedną płytę w ciągu swojego istnienia, Breakfast Club zostaną zapamiętani w historii muzyki pop lat 80tych. A to dzięki temu, że w zespole udzielali się dwaj ex-faceci Madonny, a co ważniejsze ona sama też była członkiem grupy. Oczywiście miało to miejsce przed jej światową karierą. Późniejsze utwory Madonny trochę (!) przypominają kompozycje Breakfast Club, posłuchajcie Never Be The Same, ten rytm wyraźnie coś mi przypomina...

The group was formed in New York in the late 1970s, and went through several line-ups including one in which Madonna was the drummer. By the early 1980s, the band included Madonna, Angie Smit on bass, and the Gilroy brothers, Dan and Ed, both on guitar (Dan sang lead vocals as well). Dan Gilroy was also briefly Madonna's boyfriend, and he eventually allowed her to sing some lead vocals. Madonna ultimately left to form a new band Emmy, but the remaining members soldiered on. By the mid 1980s, the band consisted of the Gilroys (with Dan now concentrating exclusively on vocals, while Ed provided all guitars), Gary Burke (bass), Paul Kauk (keyboards), and Stephen Bray (drums). Both Bray and Burke had previously been Madonna's bandmates in Emmy. Bray had also dated Madonna for a while, and reportedly, Madonna had initially suggested him as her replacement in Breakfast Club.[citation needed] They signed with Ze Records and released their eponymous album in 1987, which spawned the U.S. Top Ten hit "Right On Track". Later, Randy Jackson (bass) and E. Doctor Smith (The Drummstick, percussion) joined the band.

A second album was recorded but never released. Their last single was a cover version of The Beatles' song "Drive My Car", used in the film, License to Drive. Shortly afterwards the band broke-up. Bray later co-wrote several big hits with Madonna. They were nominated in the category of Best New Artist at the Grammy Awards in 1988, losing out to Jody Watley. Many of their music videos, including "Right on Track," were filmed by Jeff Stein, director of The Who documentary, The Kids Are Alright.

1 Never Be the Same
2 Right on Track
3 Kiss and Tell
4 Always Be Like This
5 Rico Mambo
6 Expressway to Your Heart
7 Specialty
8 Standout
9 Tongue Tied


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Breakfast Club - Breakfast Club (1987)



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