Vanity Fair - A Place In The Sun (1983)(2006)

Zespół Vanity Fair to angielska wersja szwedzkiej grupy Lustans Lakejer. A Place in the Sun to album z 1983 roku, oryginalnie wydany jako En plats i solen, a tutaj mamy wersję remastered z bonusowymi nagraniami zaśpiewaną po angielsku z gościnnym udziałem Micka Karna z grupy Japan.

Lustans Lakejer were re-named to VANITY FAIR for the English market. Guest appearance by Mick Karn from legendary JAPAN. It sold very little at the time and has been an very expensive rarity on vinyl for the last 20 years. Great Swedish new romantic 1983 album.

Lustans Lakejer is a Swedish New Wave group formed in 1978 led by singer-songwriter Johan Kinde. They were successful throughout the 1980s, but by the 1990s, their popularity began to decline, and the members split up. In 2007, Lustans Lakejer reunited to perform the "Allt vi trodde på" in Melodifestivalen's second semifinal for the opportunity to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki, Finland. The band failed to make the top five and was voted off the contest on 10 February before final voting.

1. Lips Are Silent
2. Whispers in the Dark
3. The Texture of Her Skin
4. Just As Wild
5. A Place in the Sun
6. Eyes of a Stranger
7. A Kiss For Every Tear
8. In Spite of It All
9. Something's Got To Give
10. Could You Be The One
11. Lips Are Silent (Original Version 1982)


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Vanity Fair - A Place In The Sun (1983)(2006)



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