Colourbox - The Singles (1982-1984)

Colourbox were a London-based (Edinburgh born) electronic outfit on the 4AD record label in the 1980s. They produced an electronically-based reggae and soul-influenced pop music, making remarkable use of the technology they had access to at the time. They released a number of records from 1982 until 1987. The band was formed by brothers Martyn Young and Steve Young, with guest singers until Lorita Grahame joined as a permanent member in 1983. The pressures of sudden success and the long running litigation caused by the use of samples ended up causing Colourbox to never record again.

 Colourbox - Breakdown (1982)
1. Breakdown
2. Tarantula

Colourbox - Say You (1984)
1. Say You (Extended)
2. Fast Dump

 Colourbox - Punch (1984)
1. Punch
2. Keep On Pushing
3. Shadows In The Room


The Cars - The Cars Unlocked (The Live Performances)(2006)


The CD is from a combination of 1984 and 1987 live-for-radio concerts (based on the sound and the setlist, along with the inclusion of both "Double Trouble" [1987 tour] and "Heartbeat City" [1984 tour]), fourteen songs, it's terrific. The Cars were always great musicians with interesting songs, but sometimes their studio albums were so polished that they could sound a bit sterile. This I feel was especially the case with the "Candy-O" album, which has many great songs, but after a while begins to sound almost as if a computer is performing rather than human beings. And while this live CD doesn't depart much from the studio versions, it's different enough, and being live - it's "raw" enough - to be very interesting and enjoyable. Again, the musicianship of the band is quite impressive, especially so given the circumstances of a live performance.

01. Magic (Live)
02. Let's Go (Live)
03. Touch and Go (Live) 
04. Drive (Live) 
05. My Best Friend's Girl (Live) 
06. Tonight She Comes (Live) 
07. Moving In Stereo (Live)  
08. You Might Think (Live)  
09. Just What I Needed (Live)
10. Good Times Roll (Live) 
11. Hello Again (Live) 
12. Double Trouble (Live)
13. Nightspots (Live)  
14. Heartbeat City (Live)



Frank Tovey - The Fad Gadget Singles 79 - 85 (1986)

If you listen to Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Ministry, Orgy, or any other act in the electronic pop/industrial rock genre...then you HAVE to listen to Fad Gadget. Frank Tovey was doing things in 1982 that STILL sound innovative today. Electric drills, screams, collapsing new buildings, all wrapped around rock-solid songwriting. Fad Gadget is the most undeservingly forgotten act of the 1980s. Every track on the CD was re-recorded and re-mixed. Titles such as Back to Nature and Ricky's Hand hold their own with the newer stuff out there. This is what the darker side of electronic pop was like.

01. Pedestrian
02. Coitus Interruptus
03. Lady Shave
04. Ricky's Hand
05. Back To Nature
06. Scapegoat
07. Life on the LIne
08. The Ring  
09. The Sheep Look up
10. Collapsing New People
11. Luxury


Ultravox - Vienna CD2 (Remastered Definitive Edition 2008)

Zapraszam do Wiednia na część drugą uczty z Ultravox...

Vienna CD2 2008 Digital Remaster
 1. Sleepwalk (Early Version)
2. Waiting
3. Face To Face (Recorded Live At St Albans 16/8/80)
4. King's Lead Hat (Recorded Live At The Lyceum 17/8/80)
5. Passionate Reply
6. Herr X
7. All Stood Still (12" Version)
8. Alles Klar
9. Keep Talking (Cassette Recording During Rehearsals)
10. Sleepwalk (Recorded Live In Rehearsals At The Lyceum 17/8/80)


Indochine - Unita (Best Of) (1996)

Unita: Le Best of Indochine collects various tracks from throughout the French new wave turned alt-rock band's career. Included are such cuts as "L'Aventurier" and "Des Fleurs pour Salinger," as well as a a live version of "3eme Sexe." Unita is a superb overview of Indochine's career for fans and newcomers alike. 
~ Matt Collar

1 Kissing My Song
2 L'Aventurier
3 Les Tzars
4 Nuits Par Semaine
5 Des Fleurs Pour Salinger   
6 La Chevauchée Des Chants De Blé
7 Kao Bang
8 Un Jour Dans Notre Vie
9 Un Grand Carnaval
10 Le Baiser
11 Tes Yeux Noirs
12 La Machine A Rattrapper Le Temps
13 Canary Bay
14 Punishment Park
15 Savoure Le Rouge
16 3eme Sexe (Live)
17 Dizzidence Politik
18 La Buddha Affaire


Cause & Effect - Cause & Effect [Deluxe] (1990)

Cause & Effect were formed in Sacramento, California, consisting of founding members vocalist/guitarist Rob Rowe and keyboardist Sean Rowley. They originally released their debut in 1990 as a self-titled album on minor label Exile Records. C&E was subsequently picked up by BMG Music subsidiary, Zoo Entertainment, and a reworked version of their album was released in 1991 as Another Minute.
The re-released album spawned two top-ten dance singles, "What Do You See?" (number 8, Billboard Hot Dance Club Play) and "You Think You Know Her" (number 9, Billboard Hot Dance Club Play). "You Think You Know Her" also peaked at number 38 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, becoming C&E's most well-known song. The title track "Another Minute" was released as the third single and peaked at number 75 on the Hot 100 singles chart and number 31 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart.

1  The Echoing Green
2  Another Minute    
3  Something New    
4  What Do You See    
5  Farewell To Arms    
6  You Think You Know Her
7  New World
8  Nothing Comes To Mind    
9  The Beginning Of The End    
10  What Do You See (Arabian House Mix)
11  Echoing Green (Sean's Remix)
12  Figment Of Fashion
13  Unholy Day


Darkroom - A Test Of Time (1985)

The band formed in Edmonton, Alberta Canada in the early 80′s and was made up of Jim Gray (vocals), Jeff Schmidt (bass), Tim Palmar (drums), Alan Marks (guitar), and Wolf Radke (guitar, keyboards). Before the band eventually broke up in 1989, they released two full-length LPs, San Paku and A Test of Time.
Jim Gray also played a vampire in the mid-80′s TV series “The Little Vampire,” launching an acting career that would see him into the 90′s in front of the camera, then behind the scenes as a Hollywood set designer.

1   In A Dream 
2   Test Of Time 
3   Don't Play With Breaking Hearts 
4   Put Away Your Toys 
5   The Wall's Too High
6   Broken English 
7   Lions Made Of Stone 
8   Fixing Pieces
9   Temptation 


Heaven 17 - Endless (1986)

Kolekcja 11-stu singli w wydłużonych wersjach zespołu Heaven 17 to dobry początek na zapoznanie się z ich muzyką dla tych wszystkich, którzy nie mieli do tej pory okazji posłuchać tego trio.

Taking their name from a fictional pop group mentioned in Anthony Burgess's novel, A Clockwork Orange, (where 'The Heaven Seventeen' are at number 4 in the charts with "Inside"), Heaven 17 formed when Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware split from their earlier group, The Human League, and formed the production company British Electric Foundation (BEF).

Heaven 17 were always more than just another 80`s pop band. this Sheffield trio always had the fingers firmly placed on the new world of electronic dance music. This album acts not only as a greatist hits package but it`s non-stop mix of up-tempo tracks clearly shows the influence Heaven 17 had on many of the dance icons that would follow in the years to come. All the H17 hilights are here from the chart storming Temptation to the political and challenging Let`s all build a bomb (here in it`s remixed form).

1 Heaven 17 Megamix     
2 We Live So Fast
3 Penthouse & Pavement    
4 Let Me Go    
5 Temptation
6  Who'll Stop The Rain
7 (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
8  Let's All Make A Bomb (New Version)
9 Counterforce
10 Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry
11 And That's No Lie
12  Sunset Now


Spear of Destiny - Outland (1987)

Outland is the fourth studio album by Spear of Destiny, released in 1987. It included the hit single "Never Take Me Alive" which reached no.14 in the UK singles charts in 1987 - Spear of Destiny's only Top 20 hit in the UK. Three other singles were released from the album, namely "Strangers In Our Town", "Was That You?" and "The Traveller", all making the UK Top 50.
1 Outlands   
2 Land Of Shame   
3 The Traveller
4 Was That You?
5 Strangers In Our Town
6 The Whole World's Waiting   
7 Tonight   
8 Miami Vice   
9 Never Take Me Alive
10 Time Of Our Lives (Original Version)
11 Pumpkin Man
12 Embassy Song
13 The Man That Never Was
14 Jack Straw


Pete Shelley - Homosapien (1981) (CD2006)

Homosapien was Buzzcocks frontman Pete Shelley's 1981 debut solo album, the title-track of which was released as a UK single the same year. The single was banned by the BBC, but was nevertheless a hit in several countries.

The album began as a collection of studio demos recorded by Shelley (and produced by Martin Rushent) for the next Buzzcocks' album. In the process, Shelley and Rushent grew enormously fond of the sound they had created in the studio, which featured an interesting blend of drum machines, synthesizers and sequencers coupled with guitars. Shelley, weary of the Buzzcocks' financial state, decided to leave the band after Island Records' Andrew Lauder offered him a solo record deal based on the demos.

Released at the start of the home computer boom, the album cover featured Shelley in a stylised 'office' leaning on a Commodore PET computer.

As was typical in the era, Homosapien had a different track listing in the United States, with three songs being excised and three single b-sides being added in their place.

In 1997, Razor & Tie Entertainment reissued the US version on CD with five bonus tracks taken from Shelley's follow-up album, XL1. In 2006, the original UK version was reissued on CD by Varep Records. It includes all the songs from the US version as bonus tracks, as well as two other b-side "dub" mixes.
~ wiki/Pete_Shelley

1 Homosapien
2 Yesterday's Not Here
3 I Generate A Feeling
4 Keats Song  
5 Qu'est-Ce Que C'est Que Ca?
6 I Don't Know What It Is
7 Guess I Must Have Been In Love With Myself  
8 Pusher Man
9 Just One Of Those Affairs
10 It's Hard Enough Knowing   
+ bonus tracks
11 Witness The Change
12 Maxine
13 In Love With Somebody Else
14 Homosapien (Dub)  
15 Witness The Change / I Don't Know What Love Is
16 Love In Vain


New Musik - Warp (1982) (CD2002)

Like Kraftwerk, New Musik were techno-pop pioneers; Warp is essentially Kraftwerk's futuristic dance music without the German accents and the icy hooks. If the tracks on Warp sound familiar, it's probably because the album's chilly keyboards and mechanical percussion helped to form the blueprint for '80s synth acts such as I Start Counting and Depeche Mode and the electronica artists that followed in the '90s like the Crystal Method and the Prodigy. That doesn't mean they're entirely original. "Here Come the People" opens up with funky riffs prevalent among club-oriented new wave bands from the early '80s; its robotic, monotonous vocals are snagged from Kraftwerk. Tony Mansfield (vocals, keyboards, guitars) has a thin voice that sometimes recalls Tim Finn of Split Enz. Unfortunately, Mansfield sings without emotion and his often cryptic lyrics are repetitive and uninvolving. If songs such as "Kingdoms for Horses" or "The New Evolutionist (Example 'A')" are actually about anything, a casual listener wouldn't be able to solve the puzzle. However, "A Train on Twisted Tracks," "I Repeat," and "The Planet Doesn't Mind" don't need comprehensible lyrics; they may not have much heart, but it can be fun listening to the lads play with their high-tech gadgets. [Originally released in 1982, Warp was reissued with bonus tracks in 2001.] ~ Michael Sutton

2002 Japanese reissue of 1982 album. Includes 5 bonus tracks for Japan, 'The Planet Doesn't Mind' (single version & 12 inch version), '24 Hours From Culture-Part II', 'Twelfth House' & 'Here Comes The People' (remix).

1. Here Come the People
2. Going Round Again
3. A Train on Twisted Tracks
4. I Repeat
5. All You Need Is Love (New Musik)
6. All You Need Is Love (Beatles)
7. Kingdoms for Horses
8. Hunting
9. The New Evolutionist (Example 'A')
10. Green and Red (Respectively)
11. The Planet Doesn't Mind
12. Warp
+bonus tracks Japanese CD
13. The Planet Doesn't Mind (7" version)
14. The Planet Doesn't Mind (12" version)
15. 24 Hours from Culture - Part II
16. Twelfth House
17. Here Come the People (Remix)


Fra Lippo Lippi - The Best Of (2005)

The Best Of Fra Lippo Lippi includes tracks from Songs, Light And Shade, The Colour Album and Dreams in addition to one live track and a new track recorded in 1994 and not available elsewhere. For contractual reasons some of the songs have been re-recorded, but the original recording of 'Angel' is included, complete with Walter Becker's guitar playing.

1 Shouldn't Have to Be Like That  3:50
2 Angel 5:11
3 Love Is a Lonely Harbour 4:50
4 Light and Shade 5:22
5 Naive 4:25
6 Beauty and Madness 4:41
7 Everybody Everywhere 3:51
8 Crazy Wisdom 5:56
9 Everytime I See You 5:11
10 Even Tall Trees Bend 4:13
11 Coming Home 4:19
12 Thief in Paradise 3:33
13 Leaving 3:51
14 Mother's Little Soldier 4:09
15 Dreams 5:15


VA - WESTSIDE Best Of (2004)

WESTSIDE MUSIC to wytwórnia muzyczna, którą założyli w 1984 dwaj panowie: Achim Völker oraz Horst Vay. Od początku byli zainteresowani nowymi trendami w muzyce elektronicznej/syntezatorowej. Lista wykonawców z ich płyt obejmuje min.:


The Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Love (cover versions)

Oryginalnie utwór Temple Of Love wydany został w październiku 1983 roku na 7'' oraz 12'' singlu. Wersja maxi-singlowa trafiła na drugie miejsce listy niezależnych wydawnictw, a w większości muzycznych magazynów pojawiły się bardzo przychylne recenzje.

Życie jest krótkie, a miłość kończy się o świcie...

With the fire from the fireworks up above me
With a gun for a lover and a shot for the pain at hand
You run for cover in the temple of love
You run for another but still the same
For the wind will blow my name across this land

In the temple of love you hide together
Believing pain and fear outside
But someone near you rides the weather
And the tears he cried will rain on walls
As wide as lovers eyes

In the temple of love: Shine like thunder
In the temple of love: Cry like rain
In the temple of love: Hear my calling
In the temple of love: Hear my name

And the devil in black dress watches over
My guardian angel walks away
Life is short and love is always over in the morning
Black wind come carry me far away

With the sunlight died and night above me
With a gun for a lover and a shot for the pain inside

You run for cover in the temple of love
You run for another it's all the same
For the wind will blow and throw your walls aside
With the fire from the fireworks up above
With a gun for a lover and a shot for the pain

You run for cover in the temple of love
I shine like thunder cry like rain
And the temple grows old and strong
But the wind blows longer cold and long
And the temple of love will fall before
This black wind calls my name to you no more

In the black sky thunder sweeping
Underground and over water
Sounds of crying weeping will not save
Your faith for bricks and dreams for mortar
All your prayers must seem as nothing
Ninety-six below the wave
When stone is dust and only air remains

In the temple of love: Shine like thunder
In the temple of love: Cry like rain
In the temple of love: Hear the calling
And the temple of love is falling

In the temple of love: Shine like thunder
In the temple of love: Cry like rain
In the temple of love: Hear my calling
In the temple of love: Hear my name

In the black sky thunder sweeping
Underground and over water
Sounds of crying weeping will not save
Your faith for bricks and dreams for mortar
All your prayers must seem as nothing
Ninety-six below the wave
When stone is dust and only air remains
the only haven you can trust

And the devil in black dress watches over
My guardian angel walks away
Life is short and love is always over in the morning
Black wind come carry me far away

With the fire from the fireworks up above
With a gun for a lover and a shot for the pain you

You run for cover in the temple of love
I shine like thunder cry like rain
And the temple of love grows old and strong
But the wind blows longer cold and long
And the temple of love will fall before
This black wind calls my name to you no more

In the temple of love you hide together
Believing pain and fear outside
But someone near you rides the weather
And the tears he cried will rain on walls
As wide as lovers eyes

In the temple of love: Shine like thunder
In the temple of love: Cry like rain
In the temple of love: Hear the calling
And the temple of love is falling

1. Aion - Temple Of Love (3:49)
2. Crematory - Temple Of Love (4:45)
3. Deadlock - Temple Of Love (3:06)
4. Desire - Temple Of Love (6:23)
5. Die My Darling - Temple Of Love (7:19)
6. Endless - Temple Of Love (4:15)
7. Technova - Temple Of Love (4:42)
8. The Man With 2 Faces - Temple Of Love (2:28)
9. The Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Love (Extended Version) (7:38)
10. The Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Love (Techno Mix) (7:52)
11. The Sisters Of Mercy - Temple Of Love (Touched By The Hand Of Ofra Haza) (8:07)


VA - Best Beats From WESTSIDE (1986)

WESTSIDE MUSIC to wytwórnia muzyczna, którą założyli w 1984 dwaj panowie: Achim Völker oraz Horst Vay. Od początku byli zainteresowani nowymi trendami w muzyce elektronicznej/syntezatorowej. 
Lista wykonawców z ich płyt obejmuje min.:



Berlin - Dancing In Berlin (1987)

Berlin - amerykańska grupa muzyczna z nurtu new wave, której liderem oraz wokalistką jest Terri Nunn. Zespół został założony w 1979 roku.

Ich pierwszym znaczącym hitem była kontrowersyjna piosenka "Sex (I'm A...)" (1982), której emisji zakazały niektóre amerykańskie stacje radiowe. Lecz prawdziwą sławę przyniosła zespołowi nastrojowa piosenka "Take My Breath Away", która pochodzi z filmu Top Gun (1986). Za tę piosenkę grupa zdobyła Oscara 1986 za najlepszą piosenkę. Singel z tą piosenką (1986) jest do dziś najlepiej sprzedającym się singlem zespołu, a sama piosenka stała się ogromnym międzynarodowym przebojem. Poza tym zespół wylansował dwa duże hity: "The Metro" i "No More Words".

1. Masquerade - Extended Version
2. Like Flames - Extended Version
3. Sex (I'm a...) - Long Version
4. Dancing In Berlin - Dance Re-Mix
5. You Don't Know - Extended Re-Mix
6. The Metro - Re-Mix
7. No More Words - Dance Re-Mix


JOHN FOXX & MOTOR interview

MOTOR: ‘On 'Metamatic' you famously used the CR-78 drum machine. Do you think the album benefited from the exclusive use of one drum machine?’

JOHN FOXX: ‘Oh yes –you got a real sonic identity right away – just plug the drummer in and off you go. There was a lot of bunk mythology about drums in those days – bands routinely spent days getting a drum sound in studios. Used to drive me nuts.
The CR78 was so brilliant, you could get down to the serious business of sound mashing right away – plus you could put it through lots of those little effects boxes that conventional engineers sneered at. They read technical specs and had forgotten how to listen. But all the high spec boxes were crap. Far too polite.  It was the wee cheap ones with the nasty sounds that were truly revolutionary.
At the time, the CR78 also seemed such a little box that no one took it seriously. It was intended for cabaret work  - so you didn’t have to pay a drummer and carry a kit around. Not meant for anything significant.
Drums, on the other hand, were very serious - complex and heavy, with a big skilled guy to hit them hard, loads of mystique - specialist microphones all at different angles and mounted on specific stands– it had all become a daft set of studio conventions. Like getting married is now - you get coerced into spending twenty grand and giving all your friends and family a two-week holiday. Totally unnecessary.
I remember thinking my way clear of it all by using something I learnt in art school – the concept of relative scale. If you allow a thing enough space, it can be as big as you like. So I gave the CR78 all the drum space on the record. That gave it room to expand into a proper presence, rather than being a wee add-on, and it also made Metamatic sound very different from anything else around at the time.
Another quirky thing about that machine - it was a very unhip, non-dancing but capable Japanese programmer’s idea of western rhythms, from a cabaret/ lounge point of view - with fundamentally inaccurate waltz, samba, bossa nova, disco and rock thrown in. Pretty wild. You couldn’t fail to get something challenging out of that.’

MOTOR: ‘Do you think it’s an advantage or disadvantage for electronic musicians today have an overwhelming amount of soft and hardware instruments available to them?’

JOHN FOXX: ‘Another valuable thing I learnt in art school is that limitations can be a positive advantage. If you can do absolutely anything, then your work will most likely be a mess.
Operating from self imposed strictures breeds a certain elegance that people  seem to instinctively recognize.  I guess it’s a relief from the real world, which is a jumble of incoming incoherence.
Compare walking into a minimalist room to a teenage bedroom. Or try putting all your favorite food onto one plate - it doesn’t make a good meal.’

MOTOR: ‘Many of electronic producers today are less musically trained, but much more computer savvy than say the 80's. Everything today fits neatly into genres. These genres become big and then die in the space of a few years. Do you think the lack of human soul and musicality on much of the new electronic/dance music contributes to its short lifespan?’

JOHN FOXX: ‘Things haven’t changed much. I clearly remember a period in the 1960’s when there was a new dance every week –the Watusi, the Frug, the Twist, the Hitchhiker etc – and a new single to go with it  - we don’t remember most of em at all.
I think there is room for both long and short-term stuff - Like the difference between newspapers, magazines and novels – all reading matter, but each aiming at different kinds of longevity or immediacy.
Musicality is vital - but not conventional musicality which is built on observing conventions that can efficiently disable you from engaging with anything truly new.
As for Soul – I think that might mean an ability to make what you have available transmit what you want to communicate.’

MOTOR: ‘How do you feel about soft synths - do you think they capture the original synths they aim to emulate? I was always a big fan of the Pro One and the Arp 2600 for example, but I rarely incorporate them in my songs because of the pain of controlling them and recalling sounds/presets. Sampling these synths creates loop based music, but loses the fluidity of the original synths.’

JOHN FOXX: ‘Yes it’s interesting. You can’t shift a sample too much, and softies are useful up to a point but they are too nice to get really rough. If you want something truly mucky and disobedient, then get an old analogue machine. It’s back to that careful engineering and technical spec stuff - the bad behaviour gets ironed out – but that’s what you really want. That’s the whole point. The sound always has to feel bigger than its medium, otherwise it will seem too feeble and passive.
Pushing the envelope is utterly vital to any useful kind of music. Otherwise it just lies down contentedly on the sofa and gets fat on Cowell.’

MOTOR: ‘If you were to record 'Metamatic' today, would you still use the same instruments?’

JOHN FOXX: ‘Well, I guess I wouldn’t record Metamatic today – Then I was trying hard to write about what I was living through, while everyone else seemed to be trying to make the ultimate punk or prog or pop record.
I found it wasn’t easy writing about the present, because of course its always unrecognized at the time. But give it ten years or so and everyone begins to go “oh yea – now I get it”. 
It’s the driving forward using the rear view mirror syndrome - that’s what humans do. We’re going forward in time but can’t see ahead at all. All its possible to see is the past. So we don’t recognize the future until it’s gone. Then we know what it was. By then, of course, we’re into another unrecognized present. Hilarious, makes you wonder how we ever got out of the swamp.
I guess Metamatic is getting recognized now, because we have that particular past finally in view for the first time. Took about thirty years and I don’t have enough lifespan to do it all again. It’ll have to be the Watusi next.’


+1 - Young Europeans (1985)

+1 is a swedish 80s synthpop band made up of Ulf Alvedahl (aka Hull Alvvalley), Thomas Larsson, Thoth, Caj Ehrling and Magnus Wahl (aka Bonk Wahl).

They had three hit songs on the Swedish Trackslistan charts in ‘85-‘86.
The band released one album called Young Europeans in 1985 and the singles (I Don’t Want To Be Left Alone) Tonight, Nevermore (with varied mixes and b-sides) and Young Europeans (7”).

1 - (I Don't Want To Be Left Alone) Tonight 
2 - Peace Army (Long Version) 
3 - Indian Shadows 
4 - Thousand Reasons 
5 - (I Don't Want To Be Left Alone) Tonight (Maxi Cut) 
6 - Young Europeans 
7 - Nevermore 
8 - P.I. 
9 - Arabian Princess 
10 - Peace Army (Short Version) 
11 - Soldier 


Sad Lovers & Giants - La Dolce Vita (Live in Lausanne) (1999)

Zespół Sad Lovers and Giants gościł już wcześniej na łamach bloga:
dzisiaj proponuję w uzupełnieniu płytę z trasy koncertowej z roku 1988.

1 Close To The Sea
2 In Flux
3 Alaska
4 Cowboys
5 Like Thieves
6 Sleep
7 Echoplay
8 One Man's Hell
9 Imagination
10 Colourless Dream
11 Return To Clocktower Lodge
12 Clint


Gary Numan / John Foxx remix competition


To celebrate the upcoming Back To The Phuture shows at the Manchester Academy April 1st and The Troxy in London April 2nd, a Gary Numan And John Foxx Remix Competition is being held. This is the first time in their prolific careers that they have been willing to share the creative side of making their music with their fans. The competition involves fans making the best remix of either 'Scanner' by Gary Numan or 'Shatterproof' by John Foxx & The Maths, for the chance to win a pair of VIP passes to a Back To The Phuture show, a signed copy of the latest Gary Numan album 'Jagged Edge' and John Foxx album 'Interplay', and have their remix played over the P.A. at both shows. Entries will be judged personally by Gary Numan and John Foxx. 

The details for the competition are found on the  Gary Numan Facebook page here (http://www.facebook.com/GaryNumanOfficial?v=app_10442206389), the stems to make the 'Scanner' remix are found here (http://soundcloud.com/bttp/sets/gary-numan-scanner-stems) and the stems to make the 'Shatterproof' remix are found here (http://soundcloud.com/bttp/sets/john-foxx-and-the-maths-shatterproof-stems). 'Scanner' remixes are uploaded to this SoundCloud page (http://soundcloud.com/groups/bttp-gary-numan-remix-competition) and 'Shatterproof' remixes are uploaded to this SoundCloud page (http://soundcloud.com/groups/bttp-john-foxx-remix-competition/tracks).

The competition deadline is 18/03/11 and tickets to the Back To The Phuture shows can be bought here: http://www.crowdsurge.com/backtothephuture/.


Cook Da Books - The Collection (198?)


Cook Da Books formed in 1980 in Fazakerley, Liverpool, composed of former members of The Dogems and Brooklyn. They initially gained attention with their acclaimed, and politically-charged, debut single "Piggie in the Middle 8", about the widespread British riots in 1981 (which hit Liverpool hard) and other local issues. They then hit the bigtime when they were included on the soundtrack to successful French film La Boum 2. They can be seen giving a concert during the movie, and the track of theirs which was included, "Your Eyes", was very popular, hitting #1 in France and Hong Kong, and scoring the band international recognition, while they remained relatively unknown in their home country and the United States, despite high profile support slots with Men at Work, Joan Armatrading and The Undertones, among others.

01 Caress Me Like A Flower
02 Golden Age
03 You Hurt Me Deep Inside
04 Your Eyes
05 I Wouldn't Want To Knock It
06 Soho.mp3
07 Up In Smoke
08 Piggie In The Middle Eight
09 Silverman
10 All I Want Is Everything
11 Low Profile


Starter - Start (1981)(2004)

STARTER was s minimal electronics/synthpop group from Switzerland, formed in the early 80s by vocalist and fashion designer Francis Foss, Claudine Chirac (from fellow electronic group Grauzone) and Jet Harbour. Later lineups also included Stephan Eicher, Pauchard and Reto Keller.
This album is a compilation of their 1981 album plus singles.

01 Lunapark 3:50
02 Is This Love 3:52
03 Minijupe 3:21
04 Baby 3:40
05 Plastic 3:22
06 Tanger 5:08
07 Tarzan And Jane 4:52
08 Machinedrum 1:24
09 Part Of You 4:39
10 Victim 4:44
11 My Love 3:54
12 Night By Night 6:37
13 Cause I Love You 5:33
14 Victim Of The Beat 5:32



VA - Synthesizer Tribute to Depeche Mode (2009)

(info z portalu http://depechemode.pl)
Co pewien czas pojawiają się informacje na temat nowych coverów przebojów Depeche Mode lub całych płyt nagrywanych w hołdzie dla naszych ulubieńców. Tym razem zdecydowaliśmy się szerzej wspomnieć o jednym z takich wydawnictw, bo jest ono dość mocno związane z naszym krajem. Chodzi o składankę "Synthesizer Tribute To Depeche Mode", która ukazała się nakładem amerykańskiej wytwórni Space Sound Records, której właścicielem jest nasz rodak - Marek Kołodyński. Na płycie znajduje się 14 piosenek wyprodukowanych przez 10 artystów. Jest to wspólne dzieło artystów z Niemiec, Szwecji, Rumunii, Finlandii i przede wszystkim Polski, którą reprezentują Galaxy Hunter, Space Project, Krzysztof Radomski, Vocoderion i A.M. Samurai.
Wszystkie kompozycje brzmią niczym wyjęte z lat osiemdziesiątych, a duża w tym zasługa specyficznego sprzętu, na którym nagrano wszystkie covery. Za dźwięk i mastering całości odpowiedzialny był Damian Lipiński, znany ze współpracy między innymi z Blanco Y Negro oraz ze składanek "Klub 80's".
Płyta trwa prawie 80 minut i jest dedykowana dla zespołu Depeche Mode i wszystkich fanów tej grupy na całym świecie.

1. Galaxy Hunter - Black Celebration
2. Marco Rochowski - Just Can't Get Enough
3. Vanello - New Life
4. Dreamtime - Never Let Me Down
5. Cyber Space - Strangelove
6. Space Project - Photographic
7. Galaxy Hunter - Behind The Wheel
8. Protonic Storm - Rush
9. Staffan Ohman - No Disco
10. Marco Rochowski - Enjoy The Silence
11. Vocoderion - Stripped
12. Vanello - Puppets
13. Galaxy Hunter - Everything Counts
14. A.M. Samurai - The Things You Said


Vanity Fair - A Place In The Sun (1983)(2006)

Zespół Vanity Fair to angielska wersja szwedzkiej grupy Lustans Lakejer. A Place in the Sun to album z 1983 roku, oryginalnie wydany jako En plats i solen, a tutaj mamy wersję remastered z bonusowymi nagraniami zaśpiewaną po angielsku z gościnnym udziałem Micka Karna z grupy Japan.

Lustans Lakejer were re-named to VANITY FAIR for the English market. Guest appearance by Mick Karn from legendary JAPAN. It sold very little at the time and has been an very expensive rarity on vinyl for the last 20 years. Great Swedish new romantic 1983 album.

Lustans Lakejer is a Swedish New Wave group formed in 1978 led by singer-songwriter Johan Kinde. They were successful throughout the 1980s, but by the 1990s, their popularity began to decline, and the members split up. In 2007, Lustans Lakejer reunited to perform the "Allt vi trodde på" in Melodifestivalen's second semifinal for the opportunity to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 in Helsinki, Finland. The band failed to make the top five and was voted off the contest on 10 February before final voting.

1. Lips Are Silent
2. Whispers in the Dark
3. The Texture of Her Skin
4. Just As Wild
5. A Place in the Sun
6. Eyes of a Stranger
7. A Kiss For Every Tear
8. In Spite of It All
9. Something's Got To Give
10. Could You Be The One
11. Lips Are Silent (Original Version 1982)


Crash Course In Science - Signals From Pier Thirteen & Demos (1981)

Dwóch facetów i jedna kobieta, którzy tworzyli Crash Course In Science (zespół synth-electro-minimal) z powodzeniem udowodnili, że do udawania konwencjonalnych instrumentów niekoniecznie potrzebna jest skomplikowana elektronika. Zamiast tego ich urządzenia kuchenne, dziecięce zabawki, inne dziwne przyrządy i maszyny wydają zgrzyty i piski, warkot zniekształca każdy dźwięk, czyniąc z tego hałasu muzykę, która wspiera minimalistyczny wokal.

Crash Course In Science were a post punk band formed in 1979 in Philadelphia.They avoided the sounds of conventional instrumentation by using toy instruments and kitchen appliances to augment the distorted guitar, drums and synthesised beats. Championed by local radio station WXPN DJ Lee Paris they recorded the single "Cakes In The Home" (with the B-side containing "Kitchen Motors" and "Mechanical Breakdown") for his Go Go label. This was followed by "Signals From Pier Thirteen" in 1981 produced by John Wicks at Third Story Recordings.

A1 Cardboard Lamb
A2 Crashing Song
A3 Flying Turns
A4 Factory Forehead
A5 Pompeii Spared (Original Demo Version) 
Bonus Tracks: 1981 Demos
B1 Near Marineland
B2 Second Glance
B3 It Cost's To Be Austere
B4 No More Hollow Doors
B5 Force The Habit
B6 Jump Over Barrels


Hong Kong Syndikat - Never Too Much (1985)


Hong Kong Syndikat to niemiecki zespół pop aktywny w latach 1982-89 w składzie: Bruno Grünberg, Gerd Plez, Hartmut Möller. Pierwszym albumem Erster Streich zaśpiewanym w większości po niemiecku, zwrócili uwagę Rusty Egana (Visage) i w efekcie wyprodukował on ich drugi album Olympia. 
Prezentowany Never Too Much zawiera dwa przeboje, single Too Much oraz Concrete & Clay (ten drugi to cover zespołu Unit 4+2 z lat 60tych).

 1. Too Much (5:30)
2. Flash (5:01)
3. Concrete+Clay (2:35)
4. Rock+Roll Has Got To Go (4:36)
5. Girls In Love (4:13)
6. Loosing + Winning (3:55)
7. Come Together (4:24)
8. The Birds (5:04)


The Twins - Live In Sweden (2005)

In 1980, Sven Dohrow and Ronny Schreinzer decided to put a new band together, after they had played in various bands as a guitar-player and a drummer.
        In the beginning they were inspired by bands like Tubeway Army, Gary Numan, OMD and Depeche Mode.
        Their first single "The Desert Place" turned out to be a real dancefloor-smasher in Germany and the remixed long-version of this song entered the US-Billboard-Dance-Charts in 1981. The big European breakthrough came when they entered the Italian charts with their song "Face To Face" and it was one of the best-selling singles in Italy 1983.
        After "Face To Face" they hit the Italian charts a few more times with songs like "Not the loving kind" and "Ballet Dancer". Due to the success in many European countries, some of the German radiostations started playing their songs and all of a sudden the TWINS had a chart-hit with "Ballet Dancer". During these days it was very unusual for a German dancefloor-band to have success in their own country. However, they next titles to hit the German charts were "Love System" and "Love in the Dark".
        Due to their big success, Sven and Ronny had to put together a live-band because the fans wanted to see them on stage as well. The TWINS had the chance to prove that they were no "one-hit-wonder" and according to their fans, their live-act was worth the money. They did many tours throughout Europe with their new five piece band, including a drummer who turned every show into an exciting event due to his powerful support for every TWINS song. A bit later the band set-up was changed again. The fact that Ronny had played drums for many years, enabled the TWINS to add more excitement to the bands live-shows by adding a few parts for two drummers.
        By the end of 1987 after the TWINS had released their album "Hold on to your dreams" they were offered to do a tour in the Soviet Union which brought them to Moskow and Leningrad. During these 10 concerts the had the opportunity to play in front of a 120.000 people audience.
        After the tour was finished Sven and Ronny decided to take a break and to produce some other artists in their own studios. In 1991 the TWINS had their "comeback" when they released a remix album of their greatest hits which was called "The ClassicsRemixed". The success of this CD was overwhelming and they thought that it's about time to put together a new album as well.
        It took them nearly two years to finish this next album because they wanted to make the album as good as possible. The album was called "The Impossible Dream" and the song "Tonight" which was also featured on the album, made them hit the charts once again.
        To complete their line of greatest hits CD's, they released the "12inch Classics"-CD in '94, which features many long-versions and mixes based on their greatest hits.
        In recent years the TWINS played a few concerts in Germany with their new live-band.

1. Intro. Game Of Chance (5:52)
2. Time Will Tell (3:53)
3. Love In The Dark (4:51)
4. Facts Of Love (4:30)
5. Private Eye (3:13)
6. Automatic Man (2:35)
7. Satellite City (2:45)
8. New Days, New Ways (2:12)
9. Night, Lights & Shadows (2:24)
10. Touch Of Heaven (4:09)
11. Tonight (5:04)
12. Love Is Blind (4:13)
13. Love System (4:38)
14. Ballet Dancer (4:51)
15. Not The Loving Kind (6:07)
16. The Desert Place (5:58)
17. Face To Face, Heart To Heart (5:29)


A-HA - The Club Maxi-Singles (1986-1988)

Cztery maxi-single z pierwszych lat działalności zespołu A-HA wydane na rynek japoński.

A-ha - 45 R.P.M. Club (CDM 1986)
01. The Sun Always Shines On TV (Extended Version) 08:29
02. Driftwood 03:08
03. Take On Me (Extended Version) 04:51
04. The Sun Always Shines On TV (Instrumental) 06:38

A-ha - Twelve Inch Club (CDM 1986)
1. Train Of Thought (Steve Thompspson Mix) 07:03
2. And You Tell Me (Demo Version) 01:55
3. The Sun Always Shines On TV (Steve Thompson Mix) 08:24
4. Train Of Thought (Dub Version) 08:33

A-ha - Scoundrel Club (CDM 1987)
01. Cry Wolf (Extended Version) 08:12
02. We're Looking For The Whales (Live) 03:47
03. I've Been Losing You (Dub) 04:28
04. Manhattan Skyline (Extended Remix) 06:48
05. Hunting High And Low (Extended Remix) 06:01

A-ha - Road Club (CDM 1988)
01. The Blood That Moves The Body (Extended Version) 05:26
02. Take On Me (Extended Version) 04:51
03. Stay On These Roads (Extended Version) 06:13
04. Hunting High And Low (Extended Remix) 06:03
05. Soft Rains Of April (Original Mix) 03:14


Silicon Teens - Music For Parties (1980)

Silicon Teens - trudno mówić w tym przypadku o zespole, gdyż była to od początku do końca produkcja jednego człowieka. Daniel Miller, założyciel Mute Records, jest odpowiedzialny za wszystko co zwiazane jest z tą płytą. Co prawda na okładce mamy "skład zespołu", ale był to tylko element marketingowo-promocyjny. Na album skladają się trzy kompozycje własne Millera oraz rockendrolowe hity z lat 50/60tych, zagrane przy użyciu elektronicznych instrumentów klawiszowych. które uzyskały zupełnie nowy synthpopowy wydźwięk i posmak lat 80tych. To bardzo fajna "muzyka na imprezy"!

Who would have thought that the same gent responsible for the Normal's "Warm Leatherette" -- the classic, whip-cracking electronic ode to J.G. Ballard's auto-erotic novel Crash -- would follow it up several months later with a small clutch of singles covering '50s and '60s rock classics? And who would have thought that it would lead to a full LP? Inspection of the artwork fools you into thinking that the Silicon Teens are a quartet of Darryl, Jacki, Paul, and Diane. Though it sounds like a group of enthusiastic youngsters bent on giving straight-faced, faithful synthpop renditions of tunes like "Memphis, Tennessee" and "You've Really Got Me," the concept of the group is illusory. There's actually one Silicon Teen -- Mute honcho Daniel Miller. Music for Parties is an undeniably fun record in its complete lack of irony and shameless giddiness. The covers aren't jokes; it sounds like a group of kids having a blast with classic rock & roll. It's well produced, well played, and well intentioned -- no winkie winkie here, a` la Moog Cookbook. There's a handful of originals as well; "T.V. Playtime" is sinister, sounding like a commercial for a board game; "Sun Flight" is hallucinatory with Darryl sounding like a cross between Gizmo and Darth Vader. The sound is dated after all, but with the mid- to late-'90s resurgence of the '80s synth sound, one could definitely think it to be a product of modern times. Acts like the Rentals and the Pulsars (who even devoted a song to the Silicon Teens) certainly took a cue from this. There's more life in this record than plenty of guitar-based efforts of the era. Four months after the release of Music for Parties, Miller/Darryl signed a group of waif-ish youths by the name of Depeche Mode.
~by Andy Kellman

1. Memphis,Tennessee (2:23)
2. Yesterday Man (2:37)
3. Do Wah Diddy Diddy (3:00)
4. T.V. Playtime (3:24)
5. You Really Got Me (3:03)
6. Chip 'n' Roll (3:00)
7. Do You Love Me? (2:21)
8. Let's Dance (2:48)
9. Oh, Boy! (2:00)
10. Sweet Little Sixteen (3:17)
11. State Of Shock (Part 2) (3:10)
12. Just Like Eddie (2:41)
13. Red River Rock (2:49)
14. Judy In Disguise (2:27)
15. Let's Dance (1:49)
16. Sun Flight (4:18)


Shatoo - Life (1988)

Norweski zespół synthpopowy Shatoo. Wydali dwa albumy: A True Story (1987) oraz Life (1988).