Indochine - Unita (Best Of) (1996)

Unita: Le Best of Indochine collects various tracks from throughout the French new wave turned alt-rock band's career. Included are such cuts as "L'Aventurier" and "Des Fleurs pour Salinger," as well as a a live version of "3eme Sexe." Unita is a superb overview of Indochine's career for fans and newcomers alike. 
~ Matt Collar

1 Kissing My Song
2 L'Aventurier
3 Les Tzars
4 Nuits Par Semaine
5 Des Fleurs Pour Salinger   
6 La Chevauchée Des Chants De Blé
7 Kao Bang
8 Un Jour Dans Notre Vie
9 Un Grand Carnaval
10 Le Baiser
11 Tes Yeux Noirs
12 La Machine A Rattrapper Le Temps
13 Canary Bay
14 Punishment Park
15 Savoure Le Rouge
16 3eme Sexe (Live)
17 Dizzidence Politik
18 La Buddha Affaire


Cause & Effect - Cause & Effect [Deluxe] (1990)

Cause & Effect were formed in Sacramento, California, consisting of founding members vocalist/guitarist Rob Rowe and keyboardist Sean Rowley. They originally released their debut in 1990 as a self-titled album on minor label Exile Records. C&E was subsequently picked up by BMG Music subsidiary, Zoo Entertainment, and a reworked version of their album was released in 1991 as Another Minute.
The re-released album spawned two top-ten dance singles, "What Do You See?" (number 8, Billboard Hot Dance Club Play) and "You Think You Know Her" (number 9, Billboard Hot Dance Club Play). "You Think You Know Her" also peaked at number 38 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart, becoming C&E's most well-known song. The title track "Another Minute" was released as the third single and peaked at number 75 on the Hot 100 singles chart and number 31 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart.

1  The Echoing Green
2  Another Minute    
3  Something New    
4  What Do You See    
5  Farewell To Arms    
6  You Think You Know Her
7  New World
8  Nothing Comes To Mind    
9  The Beginning Of The End    
10  What Do You See (Arabian House Mix)
11  Echoing Green (Sean's Remix)
12  Figment Of Fashion
13  Unholy Day


Darkroom - A Test Of Time (1985)

The band formed in Edmonton, Alberta Canada in the early 80′s and was made up of Jim Gray (vocals), Jeff Schmidt (bass), Tim Palmar (drums), Alan Marks (guitar), and Wolf Radke (guitar, keyboards). Before the band eventually broke up in 1989, they released two full-length LPs, San Paku and A Test of Time.
Jim Gray also played a vampire in the mid-80′s TV series “The Little Vampire,” launching an acting career that would see him into the 90′s in front of the camera, then behind the scenes as a Hollywood set designer.

1   In A Dream 
2   Test Of Time 
3   Don't Play With Breaking Hearts 
4   Put Away Your Toys 
5   The Wall's Too High
6   Broken English 
7   Lions Made Of Stone 
8   Fixing Pieces
9   Temptation 


Heaven 17 - Endless (1986)

Kolekcja 11-stu singli w wydłużonych wersjach zespołu Heaven 17 to dobry początek na zapoznanie się z ich muzyką dla tych wszystkich, którzy nie mieli do tej pory okazji posłuchać tego trio.

Taking their name from a fictional pop group mentioned in Anthony Burgess's novel, A Clockwork Orange, (where 'The Heaven Seventeen' are at number 4 in the charts with "Inside"), Heaven 17 formed when Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware split from their earlier group, The Human League, and formed the production company British Electric Foundation (BEF).

Heaven 17 were always more than just another 80`s pop band. this Sheffield trio always had the fingers firmly placed on the new world of electronic dance music. This album acts not only as a greatist hits package but it`s non-stop mix of up-tempo tracks clearly shows the influence Heaven 17 had on many of the dance icons that would follow in the years to come. All the H17 hilights are here from the chart storming Temptation to the political and challenging Let`s all build a bomb (here in it`s remixed form).

1 Heaven 17 Megamix     
2 We Live So Fast
3 Penthouse & Pavement    
4 Let Me Go    
5 Temptation
6  Who'll Stop The Rain
7 (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
8  Let's All Make A Bomb (New Version)
9 Counterforce
10 Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry
11 And That's No Lie
12  Sunset Now


Spear of Destiny - Outland (1987)

Outland is the fourth studio album by Spear of Destiny, released in 1987. It included the hit single "Never Take Me Alive" which reached no.14 in the UK singles charts in 1987 - Spear of Destiny's only Top 20 hit in the UK. Three other singles were released from the album, namely "Strangers In Our Town", "Was That You?" and "The Traveller", all making the UK Top 50.
1 Outlands   
2 Land Of Shame   
3 The Traveller
4 Was That You?
5 Strangers In Our Town
6 The Whole World's Waiting   
7 Tonight   
8 Miami Vice   
9 Never Take Me Alive
10 Time Of Our Lives (Original Version)
11 Pumpkin Man
12 Embassy Song
13 The Man That Never Was
14 Jack Straw