Frank Tovey - The Fad Gadget Singles 79 - 85 (1986)

If you listen to Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Ministry, Orgy, or any other act in the electronic pop/industrial rock genre...then you HAVE to listen to Fad Gadget. Frank Tovey was doing things in 1982 that STILL sound innovative today. Electric drills, screams, collapsing new buildings, all wrapped around rock-solid songwriting. Fad Gadget is the most undeservingly forgotten act of the 1980s. Every track on the CD was re-recorded and re-mixed. Titles such as Back to Nature and Ricky's Hand hold their own with the newer stuff out there. This is what the darker side of electronic pop was like.

01. Pedestrian
02. Coitus Interruptus
03. Lady Shave
04. Ricky's Hand
05. Back To Nature
06. Scapegoat
07. Life on the LIne
08. The Ring  
09. The Sheep Look up
10. Collapsing New People
11. Luxury


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Frank Tovey - The Fad Gadget Singles 79 - 85 (1986)



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