The Cars - The Cars Unlocked (The Live Performances)(2006)


The CD is from a combination of 1984 and 1987 live-for-radio concerts (based on the sound and the setlist, along with the inclusion of both "Double Trouble" [1987 tour] and "Heartbeat City" [1984 tour]), fourteen songs, it's terrific. The Cars were always great musicians with interesting songs, but sometimes their studio albums were so polished that they could sound a bit sterile. This I feel was especially the case with the "Candy-O" album, which has many great songs, but after a while begins to sound almost as if a computer is performing rather than human beings. And while this live CD doesn't depart much from the studio versions, it's different enough, and being live - it's "raw" enough - to be very interesting and enjoyable. Again, the musicianship of the band is quite impressive, especially so given the circumstances of a live performance.

01. Magic (Live)
02. Let's Go (Live)
03. Touch and Go (Live) 
04. Drive (Live) 
05. My Best Friend's Girl (Live) 
06. Tonight She Comes (Live) 
07. Moving In Stereo (Live)  
08. You Might Think (Live)  
09. Just What I Needed (Live)
10. Good Times Roll (Live) 
11. Hello Again (Live) 
12. Double Trouble (Live)
13. Nightspots (Live)  
14. Heartbeat City (Live)



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The Cars - The Cars Unlocked (The Live Performances)(2006)



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