The Sound - From The Lion's Mouth (1981)(CD 2001)

Druga płyta zespołu The Sound wyprodukowana pod okiem Hugh Jonesa (pracował również z the Teardrops oraz the Bunnymen). Tutaj już zespół świadomie pokazał na co ich stać - wykorzystali w pełni zdolność do tworzenia atmosferycznych, bogato zaaranżowanych kompozycji, wciąż bazując na solidnych post punkowych korzeniach. Świetny zaangażowany wokal, głębokie i wciągające teksty, wyróżniające się brzmienie - czego wiecej potrzeba aby odnieść sukces? Bardzo dobre recenzje w prasie niestety nie przekładały się na większe zainteresowanie ze strony publiczności i wytwórnia zaczęła naciskać na zmianę repertuaru grupy.

An assured, relatively loose follow-up to the fraught and frayed Jeopardy, From the Lion's Mouth entrenched the Sound's stature as no mere flash in the pan. It should have shot them directly between spots occupied by the likeminded Joy Division and Echo & the Bunnymen as post-punk legends, but the Fates had something else in mind, and so the quartet took its place right next to touring mates the Comsat Angels in the section marked "Deserved Better." With some semblance of a recording budget, the Sound went into the studio with talented producer Hugh Jones on board to accentuate the band's winning atmospherics. As a result, the sound is fuller, less pungent. And speaking of winning, the snake-charming opener "Winning" is like a dash of cold water in the faces of all the bands that were wallowing and withering away at the weeping well: "I was going to drown/Then I started swimming/I was going down/Then I started winning." This, in a sense, exemplifies the point that the Sound were not mopes. They had their problems with life, but rather than just vent or escape from them, they confront them and ask questions and attempt to sort it all out. Most of the record has an effortless thrust to it, and only occasionally -- for maximum effect -- does the Sound whip out the heavy artillery. If "The Fire" sounds too bombastic and pummeling, listen closer. The bass is the lead instrument, the keyboards are just as prominent as the guitars, and it only sounds like chest-beating compared to the rest of the songs. From the Lion's Mouth shifts, glides, winds, accelerates, and decelerates with all the grace and precision of an Olympic downhill skier. And what a great record it is. [The Renascent label's 2002 reissue offers spectacular sound and slyly hides the fair 1982 single "Hothouse" within the last track. Prior to his death, Adrian Borland voiced his wish to have the reissue stick to the original running order with no bonus tracks for purity's sake, so the label's (appreciated) move appears to be a sneaky way of going around it.]
Andy Kellman, All Music Guide

1. Winning
2. Sense of Purpose
3. Contact the Fact
4. Skeletons
5. Judgment
6. Fatal Flaw
7. Possession
8. Fire
9. Silent Air
10. New Dark Age / Hothouse


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The Sound - From The Lion's Mouth (1981)(CD 2001)
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Thanks for this! Been looking for that album for some time...

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this guys sound absolutely fantastic, it's a shame the vocalist killed himself some time ago.... i don't know if you are aware, but in Phoenix Hairpins there is a post about a band called Dole whose first album was produced by one of this guys, though i don't remeber which one. thanx a lot for the post!!!!

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