The Comsat Angels - Waiting For A Miracle (1980)

The Comsat Angels to zespół z kręgu post-punk/new wave z Sheffield, byli aktywni na scenie muzycznej w latach 1978 do 1995. Tworzyli nastrojową i ciekawą muzykę, lecz nie do końca trafiali w gusta pop kultury. Ich dorobek płytowy najczęściej porównywany jest do Joy Division, The Chameleons, The Cure, The Sound oraz Echo & the Bunnymen.
Nie można niedoceniać wpływu muzyki The Comsat Angels na inne zespoły takie jak:  Catherine Wheel, Kitchens of Distinction, oraz neo-post-punk grupy jak Interpol, Engineers oraz Editors.
Prezentuję reedycję CD z 1995 roku wzbogaconą o trzy utwory: "Home is the Range", "We Were" i "Juju Money".

It's a remarkable debut with a spare sound that's clean yet hits hard. Stephen Fellow sings his lyrics of paranoia and romantic decay in a strong English accent, ensuring they don't overtly sound like any of their influences. "Total War" is a riveting statement of mutual disgust as it lurches, constantly on the verge of a smack but holding back. The title track features an awesomely heavy bass sound, while "Independence Day" is the band's biggest single, and one of their most distinct statements. Ironically, they were compared to Joy Division, even though they claim not to have heard them until completing their first album. Either way, Waiting For A Miracle measures up to the best of that year's post-punk efforts by Joy Division, The Associates, The Cure, Magazine, The Sound, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes and Simple Minds.

1 Missing In Action
2 "Baby"
3 Independence Day
4 Waiting For A Miracle
5 Total War
6 On The Beach
7 Monkey Pilot
8 Real Story
9 Map Of The World
10 Postcard
11 Home Is The Range
12 We Were
13 Ju Ju Money


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The Comsat Angels - Waiting For A Miracle (1980)
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A great album of the 80's, I've been looking for this one for a while.
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