Moskwa TV - Dynamics+Discipline (1985)(CD1992) & Generator 7/8 (12'' 1985)

The group comprised of Alexander Henninger, Andreas Tomalla, Ion Javelin.

Andreas Tomalla (Aliases: T2, T2F, Talla 2XLC) With roots covering most electronic genres from Industrial Rock to to electronic pop to trance, Tomalla has been there and done it all over the past 20 years. He has been at the forefront of the Germany Technoclub revolution, from being the founding father of the now legendary Dorian Gray with the likes of Sven Vath and Paul van Dyk blessing the dancefloors to superstar Trance remixer.

Starting off from his first project "Moskwa TV" aka "Moscow TV", many have said that this was where the likes of Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode first got their influences from, from this side of the Atlantic to the other.

In Groups: 20, 2XLC, Aegan, Axodry, Bigod 20, Digital Tension, Exchange, Hoshis, The, J.D.T., Jalla CX.L2, MCL (Micro Chip League), Moskwa TV, Pluuto, Richard Cube, Robotiko Rejekto, TGAF, Trance Allstars, Two Of China, Umo Detic


Album originally released in 1985
Re-released on CD with a new mix of Generator 7/8 in 1992

Dynamics + Discipline (1985)(CD1992)
1 Generator 7/8
2 Absolute Fashion
3 My Second Voice
4 Futuristic Dance
5 Tekno Talk
6 Radio And TV
7 Operator Z
8 Tokio Jam
9 Generator 7/8 (Remix 92)

Generator 7/8 (12'' 1985)
A Generator 7/8 (Energetic Mix)
B Generator 7/8 (Godzilla Mix)


jacyk said...

Moskwa TV - Dynamics+Discipline (1985)(CD1992) & Generator 7/8 (12'' 1985)
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link: http://www.shareonall.com/moskwatv-dynamicsgenerator_shbd.rar


der likedeeler said...

yeah, i will enjoy. i heard it as little boy of 13 years. i friend of mine recorded it on a tape. one side moskwa tv the other side pet shop boys.

thanks a lot!

dgen said...

hahah yes! I remember moskwa tv.. wow old school! Thanks :)

qube said...

Thanks so much for the download links!!!

I own some Moskwa TV stuff on vinyl, but I have no way to transfer it to MP3, so I'm very thankful!

qube said...

When I unpack these they either don't show up on my desktop, or I get errors if I use unrarX.

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks :)

jacyk said...

well, I use Winrar to pack the files so it would be best to use it to unpack too and you need the pswd of course


noise-g said...

thank you very much for the release

DurMan said...

Thanx for the great selection of the old stuff!!

Do you have any Moskwa TV singles on the CDs to convert them into lossless quality, please??

Greetz from Saint-Petersburg, Russia! :)

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Nice, thanks for sharing and the link, I'll listen today on night, good luck.