Videosex - Masters Collection (83-92)


Band Videosex was founded by Matjaz Kosi (keyboards), Janez Krizaj (bass), Iztok Turk (drums) and Anja Rupel (vocal) in the year of 1983. They had their first big gig at New Rock concert. By the end of 1983 they recorded their first single "Moja mama" and "Kako bih voleo da si tu". They were their own production.

In the beginning of 1984 they recorded their first album, named "Videosex 84" in "Top Ten" studio. They wrote all their lyrics, except for the song "Videosex", which was written by Kavric Balant. In songs "1001 noc" and "Neonska reklama" synth is played by Nina Sever. Shortly after that Matjaz Kosi leaves the band and Nina Sever takes his place. 1985. The second album is released, called "Lacrimae Christi". Special guests on album are Karolina Miha and Laza Ristovski.
In 1986 Nina Sever leaves the band and Goran Lisica takes her place. In 1987 they released mini LP "Svet je zopet mlad", recorded in studio "Tivoli" in Ljubljana in 1986. Guests on this album are: Dadi Kasnar, Andrija Pusic, Ales, Franci Puhar and Boris Romih.

Their last album "Ljubi in sovrazi" is released in 1992 and they did production and wrote all the lyrics themselves once again. Soon afterwards the group broke up and Anja Rupel continued a solo career.

1. Videosex - Detektivska Prica (3:13)
2. Videosex - Swing 2002 Gtl (3:05)
3. Videosex - Moja Mama (3:49)
4. Videosex - Neonska Reklama (3:43)
5. Videosex - Jesen (2:25)
6. Videosex - U Sjeni Exoticnih Trava (3:01)
7. Videosex - Ana (3:17)
8. Videosex - Neonska Reklama Ii (7:52)
9. Videosex - Sivi Dan (3:17)
10. Videosex - Computer's First Christmas Card (5:49)


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Videosex - Masters Collection (83-92)



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