Yazoo - Live at the Royal Albert Hall (1982)

"One of the things I've learned over the last 25 years," announces Alison Moyet, "is that only once you've performed a song live do you really get the essence of what it is you've written."

For Moyet and Vince Clarke, the 18 month period spanning 1982 and 1983 in which Yazoo formed, released two albums and numerous hit singles, toured the world, and then finally imploded, is still a blur.

Those 18 months tell the story of two 21-year-olds accidentally finding themselves at the centre of a pop phenomenon, soundtracked by boundary-breaking music melding cutting edge electronica with songs which still celebrate the devastation of love at its most beautiful and destructive.

01 - Goodbye 70's
02 - Winter kills
03 - Bad connection
04 - Tuesday
05 - Bring Your Love Down
06 - Midnight
07 - In my room
08 - Don't go
09 - The other side of Love
10 - Only you
11 - Situation


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Yazoo - Live at the Royal Albert Hall (1982)



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