Strange Advance - Worlds Away & Back (1995)

Jakiś czas temu Robert przedstawiał ten zespół, więc szczegóły znajdziecie na jego blogu robertopoland.blogspot.com - a dzisiaj proponuję jako uzupełnienie płytę kompilacyjną Worlds Away & Back. Nie jest to typowy Best of, brak tu kilku singlowych piosenek, ale z drugiej strony mamy utwory demo, niepublikowane wcześniej wersje oraz nowe utwory. Polecam jako uzupełnienie do płyty Over 60 Minutes With Strange Advance...

Strange Advance was a Canadian New Wave band formed in 1982 from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their music was a fusion of progressive rock and new wave. The band's signature sound combined highly synthesized melody, driving rhythm, and space opera themes. Organized by producer Bruce Fairbairn (known for his work with Loverboy and Prism), Strange Advance was made up of Drew Arnott (keyboards, percussion, vocals) and Darryl Kromm (lead vocals, guitars), who met in Vancouver and founded the group in 1980. Paul Iverson would play bass in the band leading up to the second album.

Strange Advance released three albums between 1982 and 1988. The first, Worlds Away, featured the title track "Worlds Away", which saw modest airplay in North American markets in 1983. A dance mix of "Love Games" became a club hit in England. Their 1985 album 2WO brought their first big Canadian hit with "We Run". Arnott and Kromm added musicians Ric deGroot (keyboards), Ian Cameron (guitar, violin), Joey Alvero (bass) and David Quinton (drums) and supported the first two albums with a tour of Eastern Canada. Their third album The Distance Between produced the hit single "Love Becomes Electric".
In 1995, the compilation album Worlds Away & Back featured a mix of old and new material.


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Strange Advance - Worlds Away & Back (1995)



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