Cetu Javu - The Singles Collection 2CD (2001)

Była prośba o ten bootleg z remixami Cetu Javu zebranymi z różnych singli, wydanie dwupłytowe, niestety nie posiadam dokładniejszych informacji na temat tej składanki.

Nowe linki do plików, poprzedni upload został skasowany na RS, więc tym razem wrzucam na kilka wieszaków.

Cetu Javu was a new wave band from Germany that sang in Spanish. As far as Depeche Mode clones go, that was a fairly original twist on the synth pop formula. Cetu Javu formed in Hanover, Germany, in 1984. The group consisted of Javier Revilla (vocals), Torsten Engelke (keyboards, programming), Stefen Engelke (bass), and Chris Demere (synthesizers, guitar, programming). In 1985, Cetu Javu won third place at a band contest in Germany. The group opened for Erasure a year later and released their first single, "Help Me Now!," in 1987. Like their compatriots Camouflage, Cetu Javu were unapologetically Depeche Mode-like in their sound; their extremely catchy 1988 singles "Situations" and "Have in Mind" flashed back to Vince Clarke's Depeche Mode days in the early '80s with their bouncy keyboards. Both tracks were instant hits in dance clubs and even received airplay on U.S. alternative rock stations waiting for the next Depeche Mode record. Stefan Engelke departed the band in 1988, and he was replaced by Todde Kraass. The group signed a contract with ZYX Records, and their debut LP, Southern Lands, appeared in 1990. After "A Donde," a B-side sung in Spanish, hit number two in Spain (ironically, it competed with Depeche Mode's "Policy of Truth"), the band toured the country. Cetu Javu's second full-length, Where Is Where, was released in 1992. In 1994, the group withdrew from the music scene so the members could have time to raise their children.
~ Michael Sutton, All Music Guide

01 - Help Me Now (Radio Edit)
02 - Por Favor (Edit)
03 - Help Me Now (Extended)
04 - Por Favor (Extended)
05 - Help Me Now (Minimal)
06 - Situations (Extended)
07 - Quien Lo Sabi
08 - Situations (Radio Edit)
09 - Have In Mind (Kalimba Mix)
10 - China Girl (GTO-Mix)
11 - Quiero Vertel
12 - Have In Mind (Radio Edit)
13 - China Girl (Dino Mix)
14 - So Strange (Extended Version)

01 - Por Que (Radio Version)
02 - Don't Leave Me (Short Version)
03 - Por Que (Exrended)
04 - Heads Or Tails
05 - Don't Leave Me (Long Version)
06 - Dame Tu Mano (Long Version)
07 - Dame Tu Mano (Instrumental)
08 - Time
09 - Una Mujer (Radio Version)
10 - Una Mujer (Vocal Remix)
11 - Una Mujer (Soft Vocal)
12 - Una Mujer (Hard Vocal)
13 - Situations (Razormaid Mix)


80sMan said...

Niektorzy mowia o nich - kopia Depeche Mode.
Tak mowia tez o dziesiatkach innych zespolow...
Jesli jednak zapomnimy o DM to dostrzezemy ciekawa Muzyke i jeszcze ciekawsze nastroje. Nie maja moim zdaniem sensu porownania bo kazdego mozna do kogos porownac - tylko po co ?
W pierwszej polowie lat 80ch kazdy kto uzywal syntezatora byl wciskany do szufladki New Romantic a dzis z perspektywy lat widac jak niemadre bylo to "szufladkowanie".
Sciagne sobie to Ceta bo akurat tego albumu nie mam i sluchajac zapomne ze istnieje zespol Depeche Mode.

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Cetu Javu - The Singles Collection 2CD (2001)
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hi there! thanks for putting up some old school new wave tunes. i'm looking for baunder dub mix and MOS mix of Situations in high bitrate (320). do you have this?
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