James Ray And The Performance / James Ray's Gangwar - Best Of James Ray's Performance & Gangwar (1996)

Now for something old and slightly darker. James Ray emerged way back then when Goth was Goth, first with his Performance and then his Gangwar. A few tracks were produced by The Sisters Of Mercy mainman Andrew Eldritch and they turned out dark electronic music...goth with beats if you like.

James Ray is a rock singer and band-leader, best known as a member of Andrew Eldritch's side-project The Sisterhood and for his own band James Ray's Gangwar. He was also a founding member of James Ray And The Performance, a goth rock band, The MK Ultra and his current band 4080peru.

You can find out more about James Ray and listen to his music at thejamesray.co.uk.

James Ray And The Performance - A New Kind Of Assassin
1 Mexico Sundown Blues
2 Texas
3 Mountain Voices (Remix)
4 Dust Boat
5 Edie Sedgwick
James Rays Gangwar - Dios Esta De Nuestro Lado
6 Rev Rev Lowrider
7 Heart Surgery
8 35 Thousand Times
9 Badlands
10 Hardwar
11 Cadillac Coming
12 Bad Gin
13 Santa Susana
14 Coo Ca Choo


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James Ray And The Performance / James Ray's Gangwar - Best Of James Ray's Performance & Gangwar (1996)




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