Into Paradise - Rarities & Extras

The following Into Paradise posts have been contributed by Serge ZENI, who did a great work of preparing the info and uploading the files for all of us.
Thank you once again and here it is...

Here are the remaining Into Paradise recordings that I could get my hands on. 

1: Under The Water "1
2: Here With You
3: Blue Moon Express
4: Lovely Day
5: Going Home
6: Rehearsal
7: On And On And On
8: Shot By Both Sides
9: Low
10: Stand Still
11: Sleep

Some details on these rarities:
Tracks 1-5 come from the "Under The Water" album. These tracks were omitted on the US
version. "Going Home" appears to be a different mix.
Track 6 can be found on the "Change" 12" EP. Unreleased music from a recording session
for the song "Under The Water".
Tracks 7-9 are available only on the "Burns My Skin" CD/EP .
Tracks 10-11: are available only on the "Angel" CD/EP


jacyk said...

Into Paradise - Rarities & Extras
link: http://rapidshare.com/files/113400987/More_Paradise.zip


illusion said...

Hi jack!
thanks for sharing "Into the Paradise" albums!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot, very difficult to find.

Anonymous said...

thank you... i have all the collection in vinyl, but good to have it in digital!! thnx

Cosmic said...

Great to hear Into Paradise in digital format. Have the Vinyl, Remember the gigs with affection.

Sildenafil said...

Amazing because I was listening one by one those tracks and are "delicious" I mean that's something out of this world, I'd like to find more creations like these.

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I love the nostalgic air of this album please post more like this soon.

Anonymous said...

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