Into Paradise - Churchtown (1991)

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This was Into Paradise's most successful album, their major label debut and Adrian
Borland produced 'Churchtown' from 1991.
On this great album, named in honour of the Dublin suburb of Churchtown from where Dave Long hails (as does his mate Shane O'Neill from Blue in Heaven), the group sound fully energised on invigorating tracks like "Rain Comes Down" and "Bring Me Up."

Churchtown is characterised by large-scale dramatic sweeps supported by strong, attractive melodies that kept even slower tracks like "I'm Still Waiting" vibrant. Dave Long spills his heart out over 12 tracks that are filled with rawness and power. The album brings to life a catalogue of fascinating and resonant characters whose heart and soul are pained, rapt with confusion, desperation, obsession. The killer opener "Rain Comes Down" is a tour-de-force that soars high into the ether. A true classic.

Other highlights in this great LP include "Winter" an epic track which finds Long screaming "Why Can't I Just Love You" - a standard enough lyric until you've heard it expressed in this song! This guy's hurt and he's letting you know all about it !! "Angel", one of the two singles released from the album, is a great example of a tight band playing at their peak.
The album ends with "Gently Falls" which explores a young woman's suicide. Nice! As an end to the album it certainly packs an emotional punch, but don't play it when that new chick you're dating comes over for the first time and your intentions are, naturally, naughty! It could really spoil the mood!

Not a bad song to be heard here! A dark, real, brooding, melodic work. Magnificent!

1: Rain Comes Down
2: Burns My Skin
3: Yesterday's Men
4: I'm Still Waiting
5: Winter
6: Bring Me Up
7: All Down From Here
8: Angel
9: Dreaming
10: Dive
11: Tears In Your Eyes
12: Gently Falls.

DAVID LONG: Vocals & guitar


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Into Paradise - Churchtown (1991)
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