NUN - Sunlight (bonus tracks) + extras

NUN has been Poland's most beloved electro pop artists for a long time. The band has performed at a large number of shows together with bands such as Client and Psyche throughout Poland, as well as in Germany. The band has also appeared at a number of compilations released by both smaller and major record labels. The group was founded in year 2000 by Magdalena Kaspryszyn and Olaf Karbowiak, currently living in Oleśnica in Poland. The name NUN was taken from the Egyptian mythology where Nun was a primal god.

NUN's music is dance friendly electronic pop that with its female vocals and electroclash influences resembles bands like Client and Ladytron but is more tempo driven and has stronger pop melodies. Since the band signed with the Swedish electro pop label Substream in 2005 the many fans have been waiting for the debut album. 'Sunlight' was produced by the Frenchman Peter Rainman and was finished in the spring of 2006 for release in the late summer of 2006. To get in touch with Substream, visit www.substream.se. NUN released a digital debut single 'Hope' from the album in March 2006, and the single has been more than well received by the press and the public. It was #4 on the German electronic Web Charts, and #1 at the Russian equivalent for almost a month. The band is booked to the biggest Swedish electro/pop festival Arvikafestivalen in July 2006 together with bands such as Franz Ferdinand and Covenant.
Visit NUN at www.nunelectro.com or www.myspace.com/nun

NUN - Sunlight (bonus tracks 2006)
1 Stop! (Marc Mooga Remix)  
2 Blind (Steve'n King Mix)
3 Here 4 U (Minerve Feat. Daniel Wollatz)  
4 Stop! (Dead Sexy Mix)
5 I Don't Know How (Dance Remix By Mario Niemann)

NUN - In The Mix
Nun - Blind (80's Classic Mix)
Nun - Burn (100% Clash)
Nun - Come On Closer
Nun - H.T Robot Vox (Robotic Mix)
Nun - I Don't Know How (Deep Space Mix)
Nun - Light (Breaky And Housie Mix)
Nun - Stop Up! (Minimal Mix)
Nun - Stop! (H@rd Trax)
Nun - Stop! (Re-Mastered Radio Edit)
Nun - Stop! (Steve_Blind_Mix)
Nun - Time Will Tell (The Twins Cover)
Nun - Your World (Tecno-Electro Pop Song)


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NUN - Sunlight (bonus tracks) + extras
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