Beargarden - All That Fall (1986)

Za tę plytę odpowiedzialny jest Gus Till, australijski muzyk, DJ i producent, tutaj grający na instrumentach klawiszowych oraz Simon Polenski, grający na basie. Zespoł pochodzi z Melbourne, Australia. Miłe, przyjemne granie które można porównać do Real Life czy też Pseudo Echo, na moje ucho ;)

1. A Minute In Black & White
2. The Tell Tale Heart
3. A Year In The Shade
4. I Write The News
5. Drink Drink Drink
6. A Seaside Song
7. All That Fall
8. She's Crying
9. Bright Penny
10. Drink Drink Drink (Extended)
11. Instrumental No. 1 (Bonus Track)
12. Lounge (Bonus Track)

Teledysk do utworu 'I Write The News'


jacyk said...

Beargarden - All That Fall (1986)
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link: http://sharebee.com/e9ddda47

enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

do you happen to have to album art? I've been searching the internet for it, but it's pretty rare. Thank you.

jacyk said...

unfortunately I coldn't find it anywhere

haywire said...

hello, jacyk
had a little time to delve into your archives today; when i saw Beargarden available, my eyes really lit up! i always liked these guys; they remind me of a cross between Simple Minds and their countrymen, INXS. thank you very much for helping me replace some well-worn and hard to find (but very enjoyed) vinyl.

Anonymous said...

Hi jacyk, many thanks for this great and rare, just looking for the song 'sixty perfect windows' (b side to 'I write the news' single, coul help me? Thanks again.

jacyk said...

sorry, unfortunately I don't have it

Anonymous said...

Thank you - this is *fabulous* :-)


daniel john said...

These are 12 fantastic songs and my favorite song is No. 10. Drink Drink Drink (Extended).

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Anonymous said...

Was this re-uploaded on your rapidshare?

jacyk said...

unfortunately rapidshare link is not active anymore - here it is


Anonymous said...

Thanks. You have a great site.

escort palma said...

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Sagan said...

Could not possibly thank you enough! Even here in Melbourne this is hard to find. Thanks xx